Buying leather furniture is a big investment, but it’s one of those items that you only have to buy once in a lifetime! That is, if you take care of it.

Leather can transform a room from ordinary to graceful with it’s beautiful earthy tones and textures. Learning to take care of your leather furniture will help you to live a lifetime with your leather pieces.

In this blog you’ll find our five easy leather hacks that will help you maintain your leather couch in general and help you to handle those emergency spills on your leather.

1. Wipe your leather furniture down regularly with a clean, dry cloth.

Simply wipe the dust of with a clean dry cotton cloth to keep your leather looking its best.

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2. Don’t place your leather furniture in direct sun or heat

Nothing lasts in the heat and light of the sun. Avoid extreme temperatures on or near your leather couches. The heat will cause the leather to dry up and eventually crack.

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3. Regularly vacuum dust and debris from furniture crevices

Dust and debris gradually builds up in crevices. Use your vacuum’s hose attachment to get to all the hard to reach spots.

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4. Clean accidental spills with a dry cloth

If you spill anything on your leather furniture wipe it off with a dry clean cloth, as soon as possible. A great tip is to use a dry sponge. This will help absorb the spilled liquid as fast as possible. If it’s a sticky liquid that spilled use a little water to clean up the spill, then immediately wipe the area clean with a dry cotton cloth.

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5. Regularly treat your leather with conditioner

Give your leather regular love and attention with leather conditioner. Leather conditioner has a creamy consistency and can be buffed into the leather. Conditioning your leather will prevent it from developing cracks and breaking. Read the application instructions because the guidelines will vary from product to product.

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Use these five easy tips to keep your leather furniture spotless, crack-less and break-free!