You’re leaving home to start a new life at college or university, but before you wave goodbye, take a look at our list of necessities and handy extras!

To furnish your new room in a hostel, commune or apartment you’ll need to make sure you have all the furniture, some appliances, your bedding essentials and some affordable decor items.

In essence there’s only four main furniture pieces every student needs to survive – a bed, couch, desk with a comfortable chair and a sturdy bookshelf for those study years!

windsor FW
(Windsor Bed)

We know you’re in for an active social life, so when you get the time for sleep, it’s extra important! A good night’s rest is good for you! It restores energy, fights off illness and fatigue, helps you think more clearly and creatively, strengthens your memory and produces a positive mood and great performance!
Spacious student rooms are as scarce as hen’s teeth. So think about getting a Single, ¾, or Bunk (if you’re moving in with a roommate).

(Cindi Couch)

Before you get comfy on your new student couch, invest wise! Your couch will be one of your biggest first furniture buys, so be sure you buy a quality piece that will give you years of t.v watching and nap joy!

(Rio Study Desk)

Get in the right vibe from the start, study at a desk! Studying at a desk with a comfortable chair is important, because it gives you a place to read, write, study and use a computer with minimum strain on your body, your posture and your eyes.

Studying is how you’ll prepare for your future career, With many hours of studies to come it is best to settle in on a great chair, behind the right desk.

(Louiza bookshelf 1900 x 900)

‘University = small rooms + BIG books!’

A bookshelf is the perfect solution to help keep your room tidy and your workload organised. The best thing about a bookshelf is that you don’t have to use the whole thing for books, so add some decor items for added effect.

Reserve about two shelves just for books and other study materials, the rest of the shelves you can use for accessories, hair and nail products, picture frames, crafts & other storage.

With these four items you’re halfway to starting a great new life as a student!
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